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Creativity for Wellness Webinar

Use the 4-step creative process to eliminate burnout and holistically improve your well-being - for free!


If you want to have more energy, balance, love and peace in your life, then this is for you.

Holistic Nourishment + Energy

Reconnect with your body, mind and spirit and give them what they need to thrive.

Self-Worth + Self-Love

Rise above toxic relationships and work environments where you feel a lack of alignment, growth, connection or purpose.

Abundance + Opportunities

Break free from going through the motions of day-to-day life and shift into knowing you have an abundance of options.

Presence + Intuition

Release distraction and overcome burnout as you tune in to what you truly need to thrive.

Curiosity + Exploration

Reconnect with your sense of curiosity, exploration, play, and wonder.


Are you ready to have more harmony, peace and vitality in your physical, emotional and spiritual life?

in this free webinar, we will cover how to:

  • use the 4-stage creative process to increase well-being

  • reconnect and revive your inner creative self

  • design a life full of inspiration and "ah ha!" moments

  • tips and tricks for overcoming creative blocks

  • turn hardships into growth, wisdom and expansion

  • create outlets for self-awareness and self-expression

  • awaken your body to experience sensual pleasure

  • use food as nourishment to support your health

  • increase your energy and vitality while reducing anxiety and stress


Creativity is the ability to rise above traditional ideas, patterns or relationships in order to create something new and meaningful.

Your creativity is tool to help you consider alternative perspectives, experiment with new ideas and better deal with uncertainty and challenges.  

Whether you are focused on improving the state of your health, relationships or career, creativity is like a superfood that can nourish every aspect life. 

With a blend of holistic health and nutrition coaching, therapeutic art practices and emotional intelligence techniques, you will awaken your creativity for more healing, clarity, energy, resilience and abundance. 

Hi, I'm Brooke.

I show people how to use the creative process as a powerful way to activate their bodies, relationships and careers.

As a marketing + brand + design creative professional, I understand how universally applicable the creative process is as a professional problem solving tool. 

#designthinking #growthhacking

As an artist and a therapeutic art coach, I am trained on how to use creativity to express and process experiences in order to heal, reduce stress and grow. 

#arttherapy #feelthefeels

As a holistic health coach, I help people heal themselves through food & lifestyle choices that take relationships, career and spirituality into account as part of a wellness lifestyle.​ #mindbodyspirit #holisticliving

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Curious to learn more about creativity for wellness?

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