in nature

MARCH 8, 2020

2 - 6PM



Join this one-day workshop in the heart of 30-acres of nature in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Learn how to activate your creativity to create a vibrant and actionable personal lifestyle that incorporates the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of what makes you thrive. 

MARCH 8, 2020

2 - 6PM




Creativity is the ability to rise above traditional ideas, patterns or relationships in order to create something new and meaningful.

Whether you are focused on improving the state of your health, relationships or career, creativity is like a superfood that can nourish every aspect of life. With a blend of holistic health and nutrition coaching, therapeutic art practices and lifestyle design techniques, you will awaken your creativity for more healing, clarity, energy, resilience and abundance. 

Throughout the afternoon, you will be guided on how to use the creative process to reconnect with your senses, develop a vision for your future, and create an action plan you can follow through on. 

This event is for you if you seek to have more energy, vitality, balance and clarity in your life.  

Holistic Nourishment + Energy: 

  • Reconnect with your body, mind and spirit and give them what they need to thrive.

  • Enjoy relaxing in a hot tub surrounded by a creek and 30-acres of pure nature. 

Abundance + Opportunities: 

  • Step away from "going through the motions" of day-to-day life and shift into knowing you have an abundance of options.

  • Develop your ability to embrace change in order to feel more confident, resilient and clear.

Presence + Intuition: 

  • Release distraction and begin to reconnect with yourself as you tune in to what you truly need.

  • Develop tools to overcome burnout and give your body and mind a healthy reset.

Curiosity + Exploration: 

  • Reconnect with your sense of curiosity, exploration, play, and wonder.

  • Let your senses be your guide as we move through practices the support you in you reconnecting with your intuition. 

Hi, I'm Brooke

I support people in reconnecting with their creativity as a tool for physical, emotional and spiritual health.

As a holistic health coach, I help people heal themselves through food & lifestyle choices that take relationships, career and spirituality into account as part of a wellness lifestyle. ​#mindbodyspirit #holisticliving

As a professional artist and therapeutic art coach, I am trained on how to use creativity to express and process experiences in order to heal, reduce stress and grow. #arttherapy #brookeestinart

As a strategist + design professional, and as the founder of I Know A Gal, I understand how universally applicable the creative process is as a problem solving tool. #designthinking #growthhacking


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